What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is an international WiFi roaming service designed for students, faculty, and staff. This wireless network provides internet access at any participating organization for all Minnehaha Academy affiliates with a valid wireless login. In addition, Eduroam allows us to serve our community and extend hospitality by providing connectivity to any fellow Eduroam participant.

You’ll find Eduroam on campus at Minnehaha, most college and university campuses, and at a growing number of other public and government buildings worldwide.

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How it works

Using Eduroam at Minnehaha Academy is easy!

  1. If you are using a Minnehaha school-managed laptop or iPad
    Eduroam is automatically configured with your identity using our mobile device management platform. We use identity certificates rather than username/password, so you seamlessly connect with any Eduroam network worldwide! No network selection to make, and no username or password to remember.
  2. If you are using your personal device (iPhone, Android, iPad, Laptop)
    Just look for the ‘Eduroam’ network in your available network list, join using your full Minnehaha e-mail address and your password. You will then be presented with a question from your device if you want to accept the security certificate presented by our authentication servers.
  3. If you are visiting our campus from another Eduroam institution.
    If you have enrolled your device already at your home institution, you will automatically join Eduroam on our campus. If you have not yet enrolled, please refer to your home institution’s Eduroam instructions for setting up your device. The enrollment will work the same on our campus as on any Eduroam campus.

Our users out and about.

Automatically and securely connect when you visit any other Eduroam service provider worldwide (Colleges, Universities, and a growing number of public locations such as libraries, government buildings, etc.). If you already use your device at Minnehaha, there is no additional configuration required. Here in town, you’ll find Eduroam at the U of M, St. Thomas, Macalester, Bethel, St. Olaf, Carleton, Metro State, MN State Colleges, and many more. Take a look next time you visit a college campus. Chances are you are already connected, having automatically authenticated with your Minnehaha Academy identity. Click here to find ‘Where to Eduroam’

Connecting and serving our community and the world.

As an Eduroam Service Provider, Minnehaha gives back to the community and the world by providing seamless and secure WiFi connectivity to our friends and neighbors from other Eduroam institutions. Any Eduroam user visiting our campus can automatically and securely authenticate to their home institution. This is one way that we support efforts towards digital equity in our community.

Why is Eduroam cool?

Eduroam is cool because it offers a secure and seamless way for students, staff, and faculty members to access the internet on campus and at any other eduroam-enabled institution using their home institution’s credentials. This means that users do not have to worry about setting up separate accounts or connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, which can be unreliable and insecure. Additionally, eduroam promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing between institutions by allowing users to access educational resources from other eduroam-enabled institutions.

Eduroam is also cool because it is a cost-effective solution for institutions. By participating in eduroam, institutions can take advantage of ready guides that lower the complexity required to set up and manage their own wireless network authentication infrastructure, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, they can rely on the eduroam network and guides to provide secure and reliable authentication to their users.

Overall, eduroam is a cool service because it provides a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way for users to access the internet and educational resources, promotes collaboration between institutions, and simplifies the process of connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Eduroam at Minnehaha Academy

During the recovery and planning effort after the devastation of the 2017 explosion, alumnus Dan Cummings reached out to colleagues at the University of Minnesota for consultation and to confer on best practices for network design. As a former U of M employee, graduate and parent of other alums, Dan remembered the Eduroam network as a convenient and powerful way to handle WiFi authentication and connect to a broader community of scholarship. Eduroam was included in the strategic technology plan and Dan sponsored the initial Eduroam enrollment for a number of years, and then assisted Jared Stulen and the Minnehaha technology team in full adoption and standardization on Eduroam in 2022. Today, Eduroam is the primary network at Minnehaha Academy – allowing Minnehaha students, staff and faculty to seamlessly and securely join Eduroam networks worldwide.